Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy NYC

NYC Blackout From Hurricane Sandy

As of Tuesday October 30th, hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers are without power. Much of lower Manhattan is pitch black. Walking around is very surreal as sounds of crowded streets are hidden by limited visibility.

OWS and Brooklyn Community Groups Protest Opening of the Barclays Center

On September 27th, 2012 a small group of dwindling Occupy Wall Street protesters left the Trinity Church in downtown Manhattan near once famed Zucotti Park for a march to Barclays Center. The group of around thirty people marched over the Brooklyn Bridge and up Atlantic Ave to the new arena. There they joined forces with a group of about two hundred people to protest the opening of Barclays. They held a candle lit vigil and voiced concerns with community leaders and local politicians regarding long-term affects of the arena. The main concerns were traffic issues and soaring rent prices mixed with the fear of yet another Brooklyn community becoming gentrified and unaffordable. The protest lasted until 8:30pm. The Barclays Center officially opened the following day.

Queens Sikh Community Reacts To Wisconsin Shooting

Sikh Cultural Center: Richmond Hill, Queens NY 8/5/12.

The Queens Sikh community gathered as normal at the Richmond Hill Sikh Cultural Center despite a tragic shooting which took place in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Six people including the gunman were killed at a Sikh Temple in Wisconsin one day prior. Members of the Sikh community were deeply saddened by the recent shooting but refused to hide in fear. The atmosphere one day after the shooting was melancholic while worshipers did their best to move forward. The NYPD heightened security as a precautionary measure. Since the 9/11 attacks Sikhs have found themselves being victimized by those perpetrating hate crimes. They are often confused with muslims due to similarities in head dress. The black turban commonly worn by Muslim Afghans is also worn by some Sikhs. In hopes of stopping hate crime which affects all cultures, the Sikh community wants to educate the public on issues dealing with the distinction between religions.

Panoramic Streets

Occupy Wall Street May Day Protest NYC

Occupy Wall Street Protests NYC: Day

Occupy Wall Street Protests NYC: Night

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